Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 25: Laser Cut Detail

       Details are big with me. You guys don’t understand my excitement when I notice an item for what it is, and then see some tiny peculiar detail.Little details makes an item that much more interesting for me.From little things like, prints that lie inside of the rolled up sleeves of a blazer, necklaces with intricate designs,shoes with contrasting textures-details show just how much effort a creator has gone into their creation.
      I look at little details like my own sweet little secret. For example, to some my grey blazer is a simple neutral colored, staple piece.But I noticed that on the buttons of my blazer there's a little insignia that’s carved into them, making it that much more attractive. Recently a few more details that have captured my attention this year are:

Laser Cut Moodboard

Laser Cut Moodboard by deejaystyles featuring floral earrings

Laser cut fashion has this artistic appeal.The tiny carvings in each piece give it a vintage vibe and makes it ready for those warm Spring/Summer days.In addition, laser cut details are unexpected, imagine wearing a pair of light wash jeans, white t-shirt and then those white laser cut heels, it makes an instant edge.

High Neckline Nation

The 2nd detail I'm looking for is high necklines.High necklines give off 90s glamour in the best way.I remember watching Boy Meets World and constantly saw high necklines and turtle necks, which was worn with an abundance of necklaces and chains It may sound odd, but I think high necklines make the body look leaner too.

How do you approach the little details in a look?Do you care about the tiny details or do you not pay much attention to them at all?Can details make or break a look for you?

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