Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 2:Facing A Fashion Fear

Hi guys I bring to you my interpretation of the denim on denim trend that I had been avoiding for quite some time.I don't know why I was so wary of wearing denim on denim. I have this thing about making sure the denim shades match and if it's slightly off I run for the hills.
I figured life is too short not to take little fashion risks and came up with this look.The look is giving me Summer time vibes that both excites and makes me sad.Gosh I miss Spring and Summer sigh, it's been cold for at least the past 20 years lol.
Enough about the weather though, when was the last time you took a fashion risk, did it pay off?
Vest-Hand me down
Shirt-Couldn't Remember Even If I Tried
Earrings-Personal Shopper Sold Them To Me
Face- My Parents
Hair-My Mom

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