Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 3: Black and White and Awesome

Monochrome is defined by Ms.Google as, "a photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of one color".Now you guys know how much I love black clothing and black outfits so I practically squealed when I realized the monochrome trend was growing in popularity.I was thinking to myself, what's the best way to show my appreciation to this monochrome trend?A lookbook!

       In this look I decided to go for a sportier tone adding the color block varsity jacket from Forever21.Once I had on the jacket I said why not go with my Forever21 grid pants too, and I fell in love!This look is really casual but has a lot of character which is something I love in laid back outfits.

          In this look I was trying to channel my inner Solange Knowles by mixing prints.You see a lot of people think black and white equals something boring but it can be molded into having a lot more visual interest.Mixing prints that have the same relative color always win me over due to the fun allure of the look.

In this look I decided to play with shape adoring this simple shirt and midi skirt combo with my motorcycle jacket.Also take note of the quilted detail in the shoulder of the motorcycle, I would totally pair a quilted bag with this look to play with texture a lot more too.
This is the end of the monochrome lookbook,hopefully this inspired you to mold the minimalism of monochrome to your liking.Leave a comment below about how you'd wear the monochrome trend and what other trends are you looking forward to trying!

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