Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 30: The Damaged Jean

When I think damaged jeans I think of
A. Grunge
B. Simple chic
C. Make sure it's warm outside before leaving in a pair because having cold knees are a pain!

Damaged jeans are one of those pieces that I put in my "Lazy Day Wardrobe" right next to a pair of jeggings, oversized sweater, and favorite white shirt.The jeans are so simple and yet have so much associated edginess that you can't help but look like you put effort in your look without doing so.I'm excited to stock up on some jeans from the thrift store so I can personalize them and beat them up, how I want.
One style in this damaged denim trend I'm really falling for is beat up colored denim.I'd love a pair of pastel pink skinny jeans with a few rips in them!
Are you down with damaged jeans or do they just look sloppy to you?


  1. Replies
    1. thanks, I really love the bag in the 2nd outfit

  2. Lovely post, my sister and I attempted a bit of DIY on a old pair of jeans for this look, it was such a fail and we ended up getting one from topshop.

    1. d'aww well at least you tried to DIY them on your own at first,Topshop always has cute pairs too though