Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 31: The Wishlist, Dream List, Get Me Out of Here List

  Today is the last day of my style post challenge and we will commence with the regular post schedule, after today. I figured, why not end this challenge on one of my favorite kind of fashion blogger posts…WISHLISTS! This wish list is inspired my incredible desire to run off to a place where there’s Sun and you don’t have to worry about it snowing in the middle of April.


Wishlist! by deejaystyles featuring pink earrings
My wishlist is quite simple.I want an endless array of wrap skirts,bralets and pastel toned earrings.I could imagine wearing the bralet with the wrap skirt and a blazer for a little cover up out to dinner or a place where there's palm trees le sigh.I want to move.

River Island top
$42 -

River Island black shirt
$42 -

Topshop top

Mini skirt
$33 -

Mini skirt
$22 -

Topshop skirt

Plaid skirt
$25 -

Topshop clothing

Drop earrings

Topshop pink earrings

Topshop earrings


  1. I am starting to love drop tops even more than ever. These pieces you have selected are outstanding. Great job!

  2. I love skorts, there so much more practical that a mini skirt - especially for festivals! It's always awkward trying to sit down etc at festivals in a really short skirt with out flashing your knickers (and ass cheeks!) to everyone or if you want to get up on someone shoulders for a set. Such great styling inspiration too!


    1. Lol right! Skorts and wrap skirts are a definite alternative to mooning the crowd