Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 4: The Jump on Jewelry Trends

Jewelry might be one of my favorite parts of an outfit. Choosing jewelry is my time to add some off the wall unexpected bit to a look. Check out the picture below featuring my ring collection(or part of it at least).

 I'm pretty diverse when it comes to my ring and earring choices but I need a fresh start.I'm looking to revamp my jewelry collection and what better time to do that than the present.So I started looking at a few Spring jewelry trends and doing some research!

This first trend I really liked after reading the Spring 2014 Jewelry Trends article on Harpers Bazaar's website.Bright jewelry where the colors are the spotlight of the jewelry design are great for adding splashes of color and when color blocking.I'd love to add some powerfully pigmented jewelry to an all black look.
Skittle Inspired

We've witnessed bubble inspired bib necklaces take over the fashion world but it's time for a new bib necklace to take the spotlight.These bright floral inspired crystal bib necklaces are excellent conversation starters and statement pieces.There's three ways(and probably more if I brainstorm a bit way), to wear these necklaces.
  1. You can layer these pieces with some simple necklaces for a bohemian, eccentric look.
  2. Add a huge crystal bib necklace to a white tee, tuxedo styled pants and a blazer and you've got instant sophisticated style.
  3. Allow this necklace to stand out on a little black dress ensemble for a date night!

The Treasure Trove

The Treasure Trove by deejaystyles featuring a vintage bib necklace

Crystal jewelry is something I haven't seen in a fairly long time and I didn't realize how much I missed it until now.Looking at these crystal embossed pieces my inner royal began to cheer.Clearly half the seduction of crystal is its versatility and the other half is how it's associated with glamour.


Crystal by deejaystyles featuring a crystal necklace

Alright guys these are my three favorite jewelry trends to watch out for in the Spring and Summer.Do you think I missed a few critical trends?Leave a comment below if there's a trend you'd like to add!


  1. Jewelries have got to keep me interested all the time. I love statement necklaces just as much as i would happily wear a dainty little piece too.


  2. than you and I'm late on a lot of trends too, my style is often in its own world when I go shopping lol