Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 7: Fashion Blogger Link Love: Michigan Native Edition

Michigan is known for things like hockey and wild weather but what you don't know is there's a lot of creativity here too.What better way to prove there's a fashionably creative side to Michigan than by sharing its fashion bloggers!

The first on our list is fashion blogger and designer Jireh de Jose who is the creator of the blog, Fashion Meets God. Jireh's blog focuses on her faith in God,personal style,design projects and perspectives on fashion. Jireh has a friendly voice to her blog and you can tell she experiments with a lot of different genres in her style.If you want to know more about Jireh you can check out the interview I did with her on The Eye here Introducing Just Jireh and her blog Fashion Meets God.

Next on our list is Brittany Marie of Beauty Cult Basics.She has makeup artist aspirations and is currently attending college.Brittany blogs primarily about her beauty finds and makeup look obsessions.As I was reading her blog one article in particular stood out to me with excellent tips for bloggers who are interested in making a  little money from their blog, Creating A Successful Blog Sale.If you're looking for a fresh beauty blog to follow Beauty Cult Basics is one to check out. 

Inez of Style Chic 360 is an excellent personal style and fashion blogger.I love Inez's looks time and time again, she never disappoints.Not only, does Inez blog about personal style and fashion but she's also the creator of Fash Detroit, the Detroit fashion blogger network.If you love style  as much as I do, make sure to check out Style Chic 360.

Vanessa of Ready Dressed Go brings her perspective on anything fashion related and vintage.What I really like about Vanessa's blog is she writes with a funny undertone towards fashion.You can tell Vanessa doesn't take the fashion  industry too seriously and she's having fun when she blogs.I aspire to develop that kind of candid, fun tone in my blog writing too(but I need to get my proofreading skills together first lol).If you're looking for a fun blog about fashion and vintage wear Ready Dressed Go is the place to visit. 

Liz of the blog Illustrious Liz is a fashion blogger and the creator of Illustrious Jewelry.Liz shares her style, what inspires her and her jewelry creations through her blog. I've given both Liz's blog and jewelry a look and this woman has incredible taste!If you're in need of stand out jewelry give her shop a look here, Illustrious Jewelry and if you're in need of style inspiration check out her blog Illustrious Liz.

Jessica R. Simmons is the founder of the Detroit Style Review.If you're trying to stay updated with the current trends,collections and up and coming fashion entrepreneurs in Detroit,this blog is perfect for you.Check out this blog post published recently, OPI and Ford Partner for Limited Edition Ford Mustang Collection.A nail polish inspired by some of my favorite cars, yes please!The Detroit Style Review is professional,informative, and inspiring, a definite must read for fashion enthusiasts whether from Detroit or not.

Erika L.Thomas is a stylist and the  fashion/lifestyle blogger of Love of Style. Erika's style is fun,creative and always evolving.Checking out Erika's blog you will see so much versatility and experimentation in her looks.I'm inspired by Erika's will to try so many different things with her style.If you're looking to get inspired too, give her blog a look, Love of Style by Erika.

Nailah Ali is a Communications professional and the force behind the personal style blog, The Office Armoire. Nailah Ali believes that you can be both fashionable and professional and her style proves that to be true.If you need some information or inspiration on developing a balance of style and sophistication, Nailah's got you covered.Make sure to check out Nailah's blog here, The Office Armoire.

Kara is the blogger behind Buy Any Means Necessary. Kara notes that her blog name is a play on the term coined by the late great Malcolm X By Any Means Necessary due to his quote, "We declare our right on this earth to be a man, to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary. —Malcolm X.Kara is all about claiming our right to style and developing said style by any means necessary, which is why she uses her platform to blog on fashion,personal style,music,film and beauty.If you're looking for someone to inspire you take back that right to style, make sure to read Buy Any Means Necessary.

Jess Noel is the blogger of F.A.B.(fashion and beauty)Cocktail.Jess uses her platform  to express herself through personal style,fashion, product reviews, fashion tips,beauty tips, men's fashion and that oh so beautiful creation when music and fashion collaborate.Jess's fashion perspectives and style will always keep you entertained and wanting more.Make sure you give the F.A.B. Cocktail a drink.

Raquel of the Metro Diva Pages blogs on all things fashion and beauty.Raquel also writes for the CW Network on fashion collections and the latest trends.From Raquel's updates on the latest events, fashion and trends you will always be in the know when reading the Metro Diva Pages.Check out both Raquel's latest article on the CW here and her blog Metro Diva Pages here.

Jasmine Hart is the fashion blogger of Fashion From the Hart.Fashion From the Hart shares style inspiration,awesome outfit posts, and musings about the fashion industry.I love Jasmine's personal style aesthetic.Her style has a consistently fun and urban allure to her looks.To see some excellent personal style, Fashion From the Hart is a definite go-to.

C.Michelle of C. Michelle Styles is a stylist,makeup junkie and fashion enthusiast.C.Michelle shares her style,creativity and what's she's lusting after fashion-wise.I love C. Michelle's out of the box creativity and her message of staying true to who you are!If you're looking for someone to inspire you to get out of your fashion comfort zone, C. Michelle's blog has what you need.Check out C. Michelle Styles here.

It's time we all got familiar with Jamila of Fashion.Style.Detroit. Miss Jamila keeps us all updated on the latest and greatest in fashion. She also gives us all the information on up and coming people in the fashion industry.If you need a refresher on the latest fashion news, Fashion.Style.Detroit is the place to be!

This is the end of the fashion bloggers of Michigan list, but I know for a fact there are a lot more Michigan creatives.Make sure you check out the Fash Det Network directory to see more Michigan native bloggers, the Fash Det Twitter page, and if you're a fashion blogger from Michigan, PLEASE LINK YOURSELF IN THE COMMENT SECTION, I want to send as much link love to my fellow Michigan natives as possible, we've gotta stick together!


  1. Hey, thanks for the links, I'm going to go check these ladies out! Sometimes it's all too hard to find other Michigan-based bloggers! I'm a Michigan fashion/lifestyle blogger!

  2. Thank you for sharing, I'll check your blog out too!