Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 9:My Bags Are My Babies

   With Spring right around the corner, many people are looking for ways to liven up their wardrobe.One way I like to switch my look up is by wearing a different purse or bag.You can usually catch me with my staple black shoulder bag but it's time I started exercising my bag collection.

     I picked three of my favorite bags from my personal collection that I think are fit for Spring.I plan on showing you why and how each bag represent a different facet of the Spring trends to come and how to apply that to a look.

Below we have a golden cross body bag, a white purse with a doctor's bag structure,and a cheetah print purse with a 90s style.The first 2 bags serve as excellent neutrals.White and gold are huge for the Spring and they stand out on outfits in a fresh and polished way.The cheetah print bag is awesome if you want a purse that will stand out. 


          I'd love to play up the warmth of this golden bag with other warm colors, so I chose this peach colored sweater and gold jewelry.I'd wear this look out to lunch(or just to walk around and show off my cute outfit lol).
     This is definitely an evening look.I love the funkiness of the bag so why not let it stand out.Picking a simple black dress lets the purse take the spotlight, and using the earrings to play of the gold chains in the bag.Of course we need red heels to this look, black dresses and red heels are besties for a good reason.

Simple Statement

Sweetness is personified in this look.Using the white bag as a breath of fresh air why not add some flowers to celebrate Spring.The boots although feminine, add that extra touch of kick.

Hopefully you enjoyed this look into how I coordinate my bags to my looks.Let me know in the comment section if you're a bag fanatic like me!

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