Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 24: Pursuing a Purse

Battle of the Bags

     Battle of the Bags by deejaystyles featuring a black backpack   
I need a new purse! Good ole faithful is in need of a rest so I decided to get a clear focus about the next bag I buy.It never fails that when I buy a new purse, I end up questioning how much I like it by the time I get in my car.Before buying something new I always find it beneficial to have a clear layout of what I want before I dive in the department store.By creating a quick image board, I develop a clear focus of what I'm after.

       I've been in need of a chain link strap bag, or a canvas backpack ever since watching Clueless and sadly this need hasn't been addressed.Chain link straps serve as both a strap to the bag and jewelry in my eyes, it gives the illusion of a necklace, in fact I've seen people wear just the bag strap alone as a piece of jewelry.Canvas backpacks are just so roomy and cute at the same time.Functional fashion is always an A+ in my book.
   My question for you guys today is this: what film has ever inspired you to shop?


  1. I love this post, you cant go wrong with a backpack or a strappy one!!

    BlueViolet Hearts

    1. definitely, they always add personality to a look