Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 5:That Flannel Belt

        When I was younger my mom hated when I would tie my shirt or jacket around my waist.I envied the older kids who always had a flannel shirt tied around their waist.In my very young eyes, wearing a flannel shirt as a belt meant they were one of the cool kids. 
Cool kids, always had a laid back edginess to their style that I always wanted to convey.But 6-7 year old kids usually don't have the privilege of dressing up in grunge couture.
By the time I got old enough to dress myself the whole tied flannel thing became outdated and dead.
I noticed that the recent 90s revival not only brought the grunge element of chokers and dark lipstick back into existence but also..the flannel belt!
I was so eager to try this trend and it might not seem like that much of a look, I did indeed feel cool. Of course I added some roughed up jeans to the look, but you don't have to wear your flannel belt as a tribute to 90s grunge.There are other ways of playing up the flannel shirt too.

Check out the looks featured below of Chanel Iman,Cassie and Alexa Chung.Both Chanel and Alexa decided to wear their shirts as layering pieces. Alexa opted for a white tee shirt to let the plaid stand out on it's own whereas Chanel decided to mix the graphic of her shirt and the print.Cassie wears her flannel in an evening look adding leather to pump up the edginess of the look.

Will you be giving the flannel belt a try this season and if so, how do you plan on wearing it?

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