Monday, April 28, 2014

Collective Haul and Collective Thinking

    The only thing that’s been on my mind with my style is adding full flushes of color. I want brilliance, light, neon, and a full range of rainbow prints. My closet has a lot of black, but now is the time for change!

  I feel like my need for brighter clothing is my excitement for a change for the better and for a change in the season. I don’t know where the excitement is coming from but I’m holding tight to the idea that this year, big things are going to happen, big life changing things(knocks on wood). Whether  big things happen on their own or I make them happen, I know I’ll have a wardrobe to foot the journey. 
Everything here is from Wetseal, you might notice that crop top I did a post on, here.I'll be honest with you, I had forgot about Wetseal. When I was about 14, I lived for the shop but as I got older Wetseal seemed to fade into the back of my mind. It was only until I saw a post on Instagram about the wild savings and clearances they have that brought me back to the brand and I am so happy I did!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Social Media Success

I have this problem with comparing my situation to that of others, which is pretty easy to do in this day and age of social media where everyone is giving that brief look into their lives. It can be easy to look at someone's Instagram or see their Twitter feed and think they "have it all".I define "having it all" as, 
  • financial stability
  • healthy relationships and friendships
  • your own place
  • your own car
  • working in a career you're actually passionate about
If you have any of the above listed things, I understand why you'd want to share it through a tweet, status or picture.Success, love and stability is nothing to be ashamed of. The point is that we can't control what others have but we can control what we have and how we treat what we have. I can't stop someone from writing a status on Facebook about their latest achievements and frankly, I wouldn't want to stop them, go ahead and be proud of your success you earned it! The only thing I can do, is change how I react to the success of others.I need to stop comparing my success to that of others through the filtered screens of social media platforms. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Earring Cam

Hi ladies and germs I'm back with a different kind of post today.I want to take a second and celebrate statement pieces! So by celebrating statement pieces, why not have a statement jewelry oriented post!

I am a self professed lover of jewelry, you can see that here in my Jewelry Trends post and my style critique post.Instead of doing a full outfit of the day I wanted to take a moment and spotlight the details in the form of the earring cam.
I got these earrings from a little shop in a local strip mall for a 1.50! I love the gun metal look to them. Bigger earrings have definitely been on my radar and I'll be getting a lot of wear out of these.Bigger earrings are always so great to make a statement without really trying, they're a lazy girls style savior.What's your go to item to add a little spark to your look?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Take A Tip From: Little Mix's Music Video Move

I've been listening to the song Move by Little Music entirely too much.The video is full of dancing, cute boys and cute clothes, so of course this only made me love the song more.We're going to take a tip from Little Mix's music video and try out some monochromatic looks!

    I noticed there's plenty of monochrome, bralets,tough ankle boots and crop tops being incorporated in this video, the question is... can it be translated to an everyday look?


YES. Yes, the style displayed in this video definitely can be applied to everyday life. The first look displays an interpretation of the look worn by Jesy Nelson, I really loved her damaged denim shorts and definitely want to try a pair for this Summer. I took a tip from Perrie Edwards and her blazer/skinny pant combo but decided to go with a pastel version to stay on trend with the Spring season.We have another look inspired by Jesy once more in her plaid ensemble, with the pastel plaid look on the end.
Each of these looks can be worn for a great day out with friends or just enjoying a party all to yourself.If these looks don't quite "move" you, what look would you interpret from this music video?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What Are You Going To Wear With....

    These are my Frankenstein inspired ankle boots.These shoes are comfortable,versatile and make me appear to be about 6 ft.2.In addition to the awesomeness that is these boots, they're from BooHoo which means I got them with free shipping and only cost me about 19.00 dollars(I just did a shimmy while typing that).Besides how cute the shoes are and the price, they're outrageously comfortable.When these shoes arrived to my home I was ecstatic and still am, I've been creating a blue print of looks I'm going to wear them with(yes, it's that serious). I have a few looks compiled below that I plan on applying to my own closet very soon that I think these boots were MADE to be worn with.You'll probably notice a semi "girly" theme throughout the looks because in my head the perfect fashion formula goes like this
"tough boots+floral print and or lacey details= a complex combo that encompasses my spirit", lol.


Want by deejaystyles featuring stud earrings
I came up with a casual and more evening look that I think these boots go well with.The first look is all about fun blending polka dots and floral print, the toughness of the boots makes for a great contrast.The second monochromatic look is modern and feminine, so why not up the visual interest with my monster mash ankle boots!
What's your fashion formula for success? What key elements always make a great combination for you? What are key elements would you apply to a look to ensure style success such as plaid+pleather or pastel+polka dots let me know in the comment section!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Classic Lbd With A Not So Classic Mind

I wore this simple lbd look to a play I went to recently. I love the simplicity of this dress, it really lays the canvas for playing with accessories. I wore a pair of the Vera Wang leggings my mom got me,(because it's still freezing in Michigan....).
I can't help but think that Michigan's weather has truly carved my style perspective.I have such an affection for outerwear and it's all because that's what gets worn the most in Michigan.I really want to move.I want a fresh start, new place, new wardrobe but what's stopping me?Oh lol. Oh well, I'll have to make do with the new additions to my life currently, such as the internship position I've earned and a new job!
 I wanted to shout and yell to the rooftops about my recent internship opportunity but I didn't want to say anything on social media or here because that can seem unprofessional but I have the green light from my boss to do so, so here's the announcement. I am the digital marketing intern for Shop Lioness
I have some posts uploaded over on the Shop Lioness Blog, you should definitely check out here Shop LIONESS Blogs.I've been so excited to finally have some substantial credits to put on my resume`!
Everything's coming together, slowly but surely coming together and I'm grateful for this. What are some new changes you're looking to make in life, whether it's working situation, wardrobe situation, hair situation, I want to know!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nobody Has Their Ish Together

It can be extremely easy to fall into envious behavior, especially in this age of social media where everyone can be very selective about the things they share(and inadvertently what they hide).Being envious of someone else's life is not only a waste of time but illogical.No one knows what goes on behind closed doors of those we consider successful.I have had so many times were I found myself admiring the life of my peers and shaming my own situations, and for what?Did it make me feel better to crap on my life to show admiration for someone else's?No.
The point is no one has it altogether.We like to think certain people have everything together as a source of inspiration for us to keep working but the bottom line is the act of "together" is a myth.Life isn't about being comfortable and having it together, it's about be confident in the fact that you can roll with the punches because even stinking rich people face issues.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Take a Tip From: Kelis's Interview With Coveteur

Via Coveteur
I want to introduce all of you to the latest style series I'm creating called Take a Tip.During the Take a Tip series we'll be taking a tip from a person's style, a specific article, or blogger and apply it to a look.Today we start the series with none other than musician and chef, Kelis.Kelis is known for her daring, diverse and brightly colored looks. It's obvious to see why they chose Kelis to interview on Coveteur, she's the queen of making profound statements in her closet and through her work ethic. We decided to take a specific tip from this editorial shot of her in this hot pink tulle skirt that is giving me life! I decided to try my own spin with a few tulle skirt oriented looks below:
Do it For the Tulle

After seeing this shot of her I've been more than obsessed with tulle skirts. I've been dying to get one myself. I want tulle skirts to become a norm in our society too, because it's so hard to find them in stores.Could you imagine if more people wore tulle skirts on the daily?I think the world would be a happier place, it's hard to be a pissed off in something that frilly and bouncy.