Monday, April 28, 2014

Collective Haul and Collective Thinking

    The only thing that’s been on my mind with my style is adding full flushes of color. I want brilliance, light, neon, and a full range of rainbow prints. My closet has a lot of black, but now is the time for change!

  I feel like my need for brighter clothing is my excitement for a change for the better and for a change in the season. I don’t know where the excitement is coming from but I’m holding tight to the idea that this year, big things are going to happen, big life changing things(knocks on wood). Whether  big things happen on their own or I make them happen, I know I’ll have a wardrobe to foot the journey. 
Everything here is from Wetseal, you might notice that crop top I did a post on, here.I'll be honest with you, I had forgot about Wetseal. When I was about 14, I lived for the shop but as I got older Wetseal seemed to fade into the back of my mind. It was only until I saw a post on Instagram about the wild savings and clearances they have that brought me back to the brand and I am so happy I did!

BooHoo is my my most recent online store obsession.Two words describe my fixation for this shop:FREE SHIPPING.

Everything pictured here was 5 dollars and below from a little shop at this local strip mall. I love the massive jewelry collection at the shop and I'll be doing another haul post about it sooner or later.

Pinafore from Dots(it was going out of business and I got it for 12 dollars!)
                           After looking at this collective haul I'll be going on a spending ban for the next month. I need to save every bit of cash I get for a new laptop,plane tickets and school. I'm a girl on a mission and the new mission is to stop spending.What are you guys currently saving up for? 


  1. I love everything that you got especially the floral printed items!

  2. 5 dollars or less. Why don't we have a WetSeal over here in London? Damn, y'all be getting some great clothing deals in America.
    Let's follow each other? I'm now following you on GFC. Please check out my blog, and show me some love ;) xx

    1. I'll definitely check out your blog and thanks love!