Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nobody Has Their Ish Together

It can be extremely easy to fall into envious behavior, especially in this age of social media where everyone can be very selective about the things they share(and inadvertently what they hide).Being envious of someone else's life is not only a waste of time but illogical.No one knows what goes on behind closed doors of those we consider successful.I have had so many times were I found myself admiring the life of my peers and shaming my own situations, and for what?Did it make me feel better to crap on my life to show admiration for someone else's?No.
The point is no one has it altogether.We like to think certain people have everything together as a source of inspiration for us to keep working but the bottom line is the act of "together" is a myth.Life isn't about being comfortable and having it together, it's about be confident in the fact that you can roll with the punches because even stinking rich people face issues.

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