Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Social Media Success

I have this problem with comparing my situation to that of others, which is pretty easy to do in this day and age of social media where everyone is giving that brief look into their lives. It can be easy to look at someone's Instagram or see their Twitter feed and think they "have it all".I define "having it all" as, 
  • financial stability
  • healthy relationships and friendships
  • your own place
  • your own car
  • working in a career you're actually passionate about
If you have any of the above listed things, I understand why you'd want to share it through a tweet, status or picture.Success, love and stability is nothing to be ashamed of. The point is that we can't control what others have but we can control what we have and how we treat what we have. I can't stop someone from writing a status on Facebook about their latest achievements and frankly, I wouldn't want to stop them, go ahead and be proud of your success you earned it! The only thing I can do, is change how I react to the success of others.I need to stop comparing my success to that of others through the filtered screens of social media platforms. 

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