Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Classic Lbd With A Not So Classic Mind

I wore this simple lbd look to a play I went to recently. I love the simplicity of this dress, it really lays the canvas for playing with accessories. I wore a pair of the Vera Wang leggings my mom got me,(because it's still freezing in Michigan....).
I can't help but think that Michigan's weather has truly carved my style perspective.I have such an affection for outerwear and it's all because that's what gets worn the most in Michigan.I really want to move.I want a fresh start, new place, new wardrobe but what's stopping me?Oh yea...cash lol. Oh well, I'll have to make do with the new additions to my life currently, such as the internship position I've earned and a new job!
 I wanted to shout and yell to the rooftops about my recent internship opportunity but I didn't want to say anything on social media or here because that can seem unprofessional but I have the green light from my boss to do so, so here's the announcement. I am the digital marketing intern for Shop Lioness
I have some posts uploaded over on the Shop Lioness Blog, you should definitely check out here Shop LIONESS Blogs.I've been so excited to finally have some substantial credits to put on my resume`!
Everything's coming together, slowly but surely coming together and I'm grateful for this. What are some new changes you're looking to make in life, whether it's working situation, wardrobe situation, hair situation, I want to know!

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