Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Earring Cam

Hi ladies and germs I'm back with a different kind of post today.I want to take a second and celebrate statement pieces! So by celebrating statement pieces, why not have a statement jewelry oriented post!

I am a self professed lover of jewelry, you can see that here in my Jewelry Trends post and my style critique post.Instead of doing a full outfit of the day I wanted to take a moment and spotlight the details in the form of the earring cam.
I got these earrings from a little shop in a local strip mall for a 1.50! I love the gun metal look to them. Bigger earrings have definitely been on my radar and I'll be getting a lot of wear out of these.Bigger earrings are always so great to make a statement without really trying, they're a lazy girls style savior.What's your go to item to add a little spark to your look?


  1. WOW those are amazing! I have a short neck and big earrings don't work for me but I love them on others! I'm really into knuckle rings and hand-harnesses right now.

    1. I love hand harnesses right now, I saw a few at a shop I went to not that long ago as a matter of fact!