Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What Are You Going To Wear With....

    These are my Frankenstein inspired ankle boots.These shoes are comfortable,versatile and make me appear to be about 6 ft.2.In addition to the awesomeness that is these boots, they're from BooHoo which means I got them with free shipping and only cost me about 19.00 dollars(I just did a shimmy while typing that).Besides how cute the shoes are and the price, they're outrageously comfortable.When these shoes arrived to my home I was ecstatic and still am, I've been creating a blue print of looks I'm going to wear them with(yes, it's that serious). I have a few looks compiled below that I plan on applying to my own closet very soon that I think these boots were MADE to be worn with.You'll probably notice a semi "girly" theme throughout the looks because in my head the perfect fashion formula goes like this
"tough boots+floral print and or lacey details= a complex combo that encompasses my spirit", lol.


Want by deejaystyles featuring stud earrings
I came up with a casual and more evening look that I think these boots go well with.The first look is all about fun blending polka dots and floral print, the toughness of the boots makes for a great contrast.The second monochromatic look is modern and feminine, so why not up the visual interest with my monster mash ankle boots!
What's your fashion formula for success? What key elements always make a great combination for you? What are key elements would you apply to a look to ensure style success such as plaid+pleather or pastel+polka dots let me know in the comment section!

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