Thursday, May 1, 2014

Retail Therapy Recognition

   I believe in retail therapy. There’s this release of tension or a momentary lack of stress after purchasing something whether big or small. Retail therapy is a little bit like emotional eating, it’s all about comfort. You might be wondering what’s comforting about shopping? 
    Well when you shop you enter a store, typically you arrive with the intention to covet something. Sometimes we covet things in the store but don’t capture, but when you shop and actually purchase the thing you initially was going to wait on until it’s on sale there’s this feeling of satisfaction. Don’t abuse the retail therapy treatment because there’s a thin line between a therapeutic buy and addiction, but that’s for another post.

   Lets take a moment and reflect on what we buy when we’re trying release tension. For some odd reason the first thing on my mind when I’m trying to release stress is buying a pair of print leggings, hence the leggings I have above.

   Print leggings are so easy to slip on speaks volumes easily. In the look above I’m wearing several forms of subtle black and then some bold floral print leggings, that stand out against the black canvas of the look.I bought these leggings for the very goal of standing out(and because I took comfort in knowing I have a go-to pair of leggings). Do you believe in retail therapy? Do you have comfort clothing?


  1. I do believe in retail therapy and I absolutely love the feeling I get after buying makeup or a cute dress!
    Btw those leggings are great, I love :)