Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Blog, My Business, My Helping Hand

       Blogging is all about the freedom to create content on your own terms for the internet to see(or not to see, you can blog privately). With the freedom of blogging comes choices, such as keeping your blog as a hobby or turning it into a business. I've always had a vision of monetizing my blog and working with brands as I establish my own.
     Now, during this vision for monetization I created a plan to set up a contact page, look into business cards and keep a list of magazines and companies I want to align my brand with on hand. In the midst of all this planning I forgot that my platform could be used to make a positive difference, thankfully I received an email to remind me.
      I was messaged recently to let all of you gorgeous readers in on a contest that is built to help military members win a new home! The email entailed "HomeFirst is holding a Military Family Home Giveaway contest to win a home from one of two communities: Riverbrook (located in New Haven, MI) and Springrove (located in Holly, MI). Any Military member, Veteran, or immediate family member of either is eligible to enter, and entrants are asked to include a letter sharing their story. The deadline for the contest is September 30, 2014 at 5:00pm EST.
More details can be found at:"
   I'm currently building a sidebar widget that will be clickable to the contest link. I definitely support this contest, helping a member of the military gain a new home is the least we can do for the people who give their all for our safety on an everyday basis.

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