Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why and What

      Why Did I Stop Blogging?
 1. I've been working like a mad woman.
2. I've been waiting until I have enough cash for a DSLR camera( I'm sick of my own low quality pictures).
3. My motivation for creative projects has been DEAD.
4. My laptop has been dead.
   Why Am I Back?

       Now that I look at the list, I realize I can navigate around some of these issues. Besides, I need a creative outlet again.Lately it feels like my imagination and creativity is slipping through my fingers, fading and thinning out like smoke. I realized during my hiatus that if I don't have a creative outlet of some kind, I become a different person. Without creativity, I become frustrated, easily annoyed and pessimistic.
  It seems like every time I'm prepared to walk away from blogging something brings me back! Now that I've explained where I've been and why I'm back allow me to share with you what I plan to do.
  What Do I Plan On Doing?
       I plan on getting back to the basics of blogging and going with my gut about content creation. Often when I'm trying to create a post, I overthink it, get stressed out and put off the post so long I inadvertently go into hiatus. For now on, I'm going to create posts with my own natural flair. Speaking of creating posts, how does posting 5 days a week sound for an awesome new schedule?!

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