Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Comfortable Collabo and the #OOTD

     Hi, my name is Dinesha Johnson and I suffer from procrastination...but you already knew that didn't you.Now that I'm done procrastinating I have three looks from 3 very different occassions to share with you.*Disclaimer*I'm currently working via tablet hence the photo quality, but I tried to serve nonetheless.
      Each of these looks have a running theme of comfort and still maintaining an extra oomph factor to show some personality.I'm a firm believer that you can be comfortable and cute.I think it's sad so many people think cute means struggling with ill fitted fabric and too tight shoes, when its quite the contrary.If you feel uncomfortable 9 times out of 10 YOU LOOK UNCOMFORTABLE, and that is certainly not cute.
  These 3 looks were very comfy and still allowed me to express my personal style below:
Black t-shirt via Wetseal and skirt via(can't remember)
I wore this look when I went shopping and made a discovery, the maxi skirt is a gift from the fashiom Gods.The maxi skirt is the easiest way to make people believe you put in effort on your outfit when you really didn't and that is why they are  a gift to be cherished.
Vest via Wetseal, Jogger pants via Rainbow Shops online store
These fitted jogging pants are amazing.I can easily apply jewelry and and layers to upgrade the look of these other wise simple pants.
Vest via Kohl's,Shirt via Forever21
This faux leather vest is my ride or die.This faux leather vest has never let me down, it's an easy dose of edginess.I love mixing tough elements with floral print, the contrast is always entertaining.
Each of these looks feature a piece of clothing that is quickly becoming a beloved piece and I'm happy I'm building a wardrobe that specifically fits my taste.
Let me know what's your favorite piece in your closet and why in the comments!

The Held Back Blogger

        How many times have you heard this  "if I had a better camera my blog would be doing better", or "people would take me serious as a blogger if I had higher quality photos", and "my blog isn't that good because my pictures aren't"?Some of these phrases have been uttered, tweeted or Facebook'ed by bloggers who feel something is holding them back, specifically their photo quality.
     I admit, there are photos I have saved away that I haven't shared because I don't like their quality.In fact, I used my camera as the reason I went on hiatus and considered not coming back at all. You might be thinking to shut a blog down over picture quality when the pictures are only a third of the blog's concentration, is extreme. At the time I was fixated on better quality photos, I needed Pinterest worthy photos stat!
      The bottomline is we're allowed to determine the quality and standards we want for our blogs'. In addition to establishing specific standards(because everyone has different interpretations of a proper blog) we must be reminded not to be so hard on ourselves, not to compare our blogs' to others, and not to be so fixated on our blogs' weaknesses.Ultimately, in my camera quality obsession I was neglecting other things that are important to my aesthetic as a blogger, such as building new ideas, networking and brainstorming fresh topics to tackle.
       Photo quality is important but I don't have the cash for a hign definition camera right now, does that mean I should quit blogging altogether? No. If I can't change the status of my blog's weakness then I will build on my blogger strengths until I'm in the position to tackle my blogger weakness in this case my lack of a high definition camera.
    Think about a blog weakness you have and think about what you can do to change it and if it can't be changed get creative and use it to your advantage. For example if you have layout design challenges use it as an opportunity to network with some graphic savvy bloggers.You can share your blog challenges and connect with other bloggers who relate and make it a group learning experience.
      Ultimately don't allow anything to hold you back whether in the blogger world or in life in general. Where there's a will there's a way, and as long as you have the will to reach your goals, you will find a way or the way will find you.Nothing will stand in your way as long as you stay positive, patient, consistent and never give up!

Friday, July 4, 2014

I Created A Tag

     Today,we are going to discuss beauty and style vices, first let me explain what a vice is. A vice is a weakness,something that makes you forget your moral compass in this case, instead of forgetting your morals,in this case instead of forgetting your morals you forgot the spending ban you put on yourself in the beginning of the month. 
   My beauty and fashion vices are simple really.I go weak in the knees for lipstick and I can't get enough dresses or black t-shirts.As far as jewelry goes, statement costume rings mean the world to me!
  You might be wondering "who cares about your style and beauty vices,what does any of this matter?"Your beauty and style vices, believe it or not say a lot about you.
   I associate wild rings with fantasy.Every time I find a ring you don't see everyday,I'm reminded of movies like Treasure Planet or that scene in Aladdin where Aladdin first finds the lamp among all of the gold coins and jewels.Costume jewelry brings me to a place of fantasy from my childhood.
   The next time you find yourself in indulging in one of your vices,ask yourself why?Why is this one thing my weakness,what about this particular item makes it the exception and makes me love it so much?
    Doing this post was a lot if fun so I decided to make this the Beauty and Style Vice tag.The questions are below,let me know if you do the tag in the comments or @ me on Twitter.

1. What makeup makes you weak in the knees?
2. What's one piece of clothing you can't help but buy?
3. What's one piece of jewelry you always end up purchasing?
4. Think of your favorite makeup or fashion item,what's the 1st thing you associate it with?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Blogger And The Booty

       I've been buying print leggings like mad.I'm really excited to wear my leggings out but there was something standing in my way. I've always preferred to wear a shirt long enough to cover my boot when wearing leggings outside, for fear that I've got a bit too much junk in my trunk.
       I usually have a few neutral colored tunics or shirts that come right over my butt but in a recent spring cleaning expedition, those have been dismissed.The solution is simple really, all I have to do is buy some more shirts to hide my butt when I wear leggings!
        After looking online and in stores, I started thinking more about the things I use as my personal style crutch to stay within my comfort zone.Just like how I prefer to hide my butt when I wear leggings, I've forbidden myself from wearing skater skirts(even though I adore them on other people of all shapes and sizes).
        I could admire(and have) admired many other bloggers who wear elaborately printed leggings, and sport the shortest of skater skirts and will root them on.I've preached many times about how horrible body shaming is and that we all need to embrace our unique temples and adorn them the way we want.I was being a hypocrate.
        How I could shout about healthy body image and the horror that is body shaming and here I was being ashamed of my own ass, even going as far as forbidding a piece of clothing I actually really like from myself. So, I decided the next time I decide to wear my leggings, when I put on a shirt to cover my butt it's out of comfort not as a shaming practice.I decided to go skater skirt shopping as well,because my body is not some dirty little secret to hide but a physical manifestation of who I am.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Blog, My Business, My Helping Hand

       Blogging is all about the freedom to create content on your own terms for the internet to see(or not to see, you can blog privately). With the freedom of blogging comes choices, such as keeping your blog as a hobby or turning it into a business. I've always had a vision of monetizing my blog and working with brands as I establish my own.
     Now, during this vision for monetization I created a plan to set up a contact page, look into business cards and keep a list of magazines and companies I want to align my brand with on hand. In the midst of all this planning I forgot that my platform could be used to make a positive difference, thankfully I received an email to remind me.
      I was messaged recently to let all of you gorgeous readers in on a contest that is built to help military members win a new home! The email entailed "HomeFirst is holding a Military Family Home Giveaway contest to win a home from one of two communities: Riverbrook (located in New Haven, MI) and Springrove (located in Holly, MI). Any Military member, Veteran, or immediate family member of either is eligible to enter, and entrants are asked to include a letter sharing their story. The deadline for the contest is September 30, 2014 at 5:00pm EST.
More details can be found at:"
   I'm currently building a sidebar widget that will be clickable to the contest link. I definitely support this contest, helping a member of the military gain a new home is the least we can do for the people who give their all for our safety on an everyday basis.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why and What

      Why Did I Stop Blogging?
 1. I've been working like a mad woman.
2. I've been waiting until I have enough cash for a DSLR camera( I'm sick of my own low quality pictures).
3. My motivation for creative projects has been DEAD.
4. My laptop has been dead.
   Why Am I Back?

       Now that I look at the list, I realize I can navigate around some of these issues. Besides, I need a creative outlet again.Lately it feels like my imagination and creativity is slipping through my fingers, fading and thinning out like smoke. I realized during my hiatus that if I don't have a creative outlet of some kind, I become a different person. Without creativity, I become frustrated, easily annoyed and pessimistic.
  It seems like every time I'm prepared to walk away from blogging something brings me back! Now that I've explained where I've been and why I'm back allow me to share with you what I plan to do.
  What Do I Plan On Doing?
       I plan on getting back to the basics of blogging and going with my gut about content creation. Often when I'm trying to create a post, I overthink it, get stressed out and put off the post so long I inadvertently go into hiatus. For now on, I'm going to create posts with my own natural flair. Speaking of creating posts, how does posting 5 days a week sound for an awesome new schedule?!