Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Comfortable Collabo and the #OOTD

     Hi, my name is Dinesha Johnson and I suffer from procrastination...but you already knew that didn't you.Now that I'm done procrastinating I have three looks from 3 very different occassions to share with you.*Disclaimer*I'm currently working via tablet hence the photo quality, but I tried to serve nonetheless.
      Each of these looks have a running theme of comfort and still maintaining an extra oomph factor to show some personality.I'm a firm believer that you can be comfortable and cute.I think it's sad so many people think cute means struggling with ill fitted fabric and too tight shoes, when its quite the contrary.If you feel uncomfortable 9 times out of 10 YOU LOOK UNCOMFORTABLE, and that is certainly not cute.
  These 3 looks were very comfy and still allowed me to express my personal style below:
Black t-shirt via Wetseal and skirt via(can't remember)
I wore this look when I went shopping and made a discovery, the maxi skirt is a gift from the fashiom Gods.The maxi skirt is the easiest way to make people believe you put in effort on your outfit when you really didn't and that is why they are  a gift to be cherished.
Vest via Wetseal, Jogger pants via Rainbow Shops online store
These fitted jogging pants are amazing.I can easily apply jewelry and and layers to upgrade the look of these other wise simple pants.
Vest via Kohl's,Shirt via Forever21
This faux leather vest is my ride or die.This faux leather vest has never let me down, it's an easy dose of edginess.I love mixing tough elements with floral print, the contrast is always entertaining.
Each of these looks feature a piece of clothing that is quickly becoming a beloved piece and I'm happy I'm building a wardrobe that specifically fits my taste.
Let me know what's your favorite piece in your closet and why in the comments!