Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Blogger And The Booty

       I've been buying print leggings like mad.I'm really excited to wear my leggings out but there was something standing in my way. I've always preferred to wear a shirt long enough to cover my boot when wearing leggings outside, for fear that I've got a bit too much junk in my trunk.
       I usually have a few neutral colored tunics or shirts that come right over my butt but in a recent spring cleaning expedition, those have been dismissed.The solution is simple really, all I have to do is buy some more shirts to hide my butt when I wear leggings!
        After looking online and in stores, I started thinking more about the things I use as my personal style crutch to stay within my comfort zone.Just like how I prefer to hide my butt when I wear leggings, I've forbidden myself from wearing skater skirts(even though I adore them on other people of all shapes and sizes).
        I could admire(and have) admired many other bloggers who wear elaborately printed leggings, and sport the shortest of skater skirts and will root them on.I've preached many times about how horrible body shaming is and that we all need to embrace our unique temples and adorn them the way we want.I was being a hypocrate.
        How I could shout about healthy body image and the horror that is body shaming and here I was being ashamed of my own ass, even going as far as forbidding a piece of clothing I actually really like from myself. So, I decided the next time I decide to wear my leggings, when I put on a shirt to cover my butt it's out of comfort not as a shaming practice.I decided to go skater skirt shopping as well,because my body is not some dirty little secret to hide but a physical manifestation of who I am.

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