Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Held Back Blogger

        How many times have you heard this  "if I had a better camera my blog would be doing better", or "people would take me serious as a blogger if I had higher quality photos", and "my blog isn't that good because my pictures aren't"?Some of these phrases have been uttered, tweeted or Facebook'ed by bloggers who feel something is holding them back, specifically their photo quality.
     I admit, there are photos I have saved away that I haven't shared because I don't like their quality.In fact, I used my camera as the reason I went on hiatus and considered not coming back at all. You might be thinking to shut a blog down over picture quality when the pictures are only a third of the blog's concentration, is extreme. At the time I was fixated on better quality photos, I needed Pinterest worthy photos stat!
      The bottomline is we're allowed to determine the quality and standards we want for our blogs'. In addition to establishing specific standards(because everyone has different interpretations of a proper blog) we must be reminded not to be so hard on ourselves, not to compare our blogs' to others, and not to be so fixated on our blogs' weaknesses.Ultimately, in my camera quality obsession I was neglecting other things that are important to my aesthetic as a blogger, such as building new ideas, networking and brainstorming fresh topics to tackle.
       Photo quality is important but I don't have the cash for a hign definition camera right now, does that mean I should quit blogging altogether? No. If I can't change the status of my blog's weakness then I will build on my blogger strengths until I'm in the position to tackle my blogger weakness in this case my lack of a high definition camera.
    Think about a blog weakness you have and think about what you can do to change it and if it can't be changed get creative and use it to your advantage. For example if you have layout design challenges use it as an opportunity to network with some graphic savvy bloggers.You can share your blog challenges and connect with other bloggers who relate and make it a group learning experience.
      Ultimately don't allow anything to hold you back whether in the blogger world or in life in general. Where there's a will there's a way, and as long as you have the will to reach your goals, you will find a way or the way will find you.Nothing will stand in your way as long as you stay positive, patient, consistent and never give up!

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