Friday, July 4, 2014

I Created A Tag

     Today,we are going to discuss beauty and style vices, first let me explain what a vice is. A vice is a weakness,something that makes you forget your moral compass in this case, instead of forgetting your morals,in this case instead of forgetting your morals you forgot the spending ban you put on yourself in the beginning of the month. 
   My beauty and fashion vices are simple really.I go weak in the knees for lipstick and I can't get enough dresses or black t-shirts.As far as jewelry goes, statement costume rings mean the world to me!
  You might be wondering "who cares about your style and beauty vices,what does any of this matter?"Your beauty and style vices, believe it or not say a lot about you.
   I associate wild rings with fantasy.Every time I find a ring you don't see everyday,I'm reminded of movies like Treasure Planet or that scene in Aladdin where Aladdin first finds the lamp among all of the gold coins and jewels.Costume jewelry brings me to a place of fantasy from my childhood.
   The next time you find yourself in indulging in one of your vices,ask yourself why?Why is this one thing my weakness,what about this particular item makes it the exception and makes me love it so much?
    Doing this post was a lot if fun so I decided to make this the Beauty and Style Vice tag.The questions are below,let me know if you do the tag in the comments or @ me on Twitter.

1. What makeup makes you weak in the knees?
2. What's one piece of clothing you can't help but buy?
3. What's one piece of jewelry you always end up purchasing?
4. Think of your favorite makeup or fashion item,what's the 1st thing you associate it with?


  1. This is a great tag - I'll definitely consider doing it in the next few weeks!

    Colour Me In Blog

    1. I look forward to seeing you do this tag, I'll definitely be on the look out