Thursday, August 14, 2014

Do More of What Makes You Happy

My t-shirt features my best friend(in my head),Iron Man.I got it for like 5 dollars online from Wetseal.

I truly understand now why it's so important to do the things that make you happy whenever you can.Summer went by soo fast, and you know what I spent it doing...working :(
I spent my Summer doing nothing but work and putting off this blog,putting off my writing,and YouTube channel simply because those things lost value in comparison to making money.

Just because those extracurricular activities don't make money doesn't mean I should of quit doing them.I've been miserable without a creative outlet.I need to specifically make time for my creative outlets and stick to them like I stick to my work schedule,because this is certainly unhealthy.
I am officially making my creative outlets a PRIORITY.

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