Sunday, August 17, 2014

End of Summer,Skater Skirt LookBook!

    I had a fear and love of short skirts this Summer.I loved the feminity of a frilly skater skirt, but that love was stifled by my fear of accidentally mooning someone.The simplicity of the skater skirt was enchanting to me, so I bought 1...then another....then another and I'm eye-balling another one right now.There I was with all these skater skirts that would never make it out to the public.
   Fear and fashion don't mix.I decided to take a step towards getting over my fear of short skirts by doing and entire lookbook dedicated to them!I did three looks featuring an edgy cool appeal,a sports luxe inspired outfit and a super feminine color fused look below.All three skirts were on clearance at Wetseal.

The first look is all about minimlism.We've got a simple color scheme of black,white and grey.We're going to let the textures of this look do the work mixing this faux leather jacket and grey cotton skirt.

The second look features my favorite varsity jacket inspired sweater.I like the idea of blending the chunkiness of the sweater and the wide shape of the skirt compete with each other.

The third look screams Summer time!The daisy print skirt took over this Summer, why not add a fun neon crossbody bag to play on the yellow in the skirt.

I figure if I can post these looks for the internet to see, then it shouldn't be a problem for me to wear them outside.Which look would you wear?
If you're like me and have a lot of love for the skater skirt feel free to check out the tribute tag(that I recently created), on my fashion blog The SHTE Daily, here