Thursday, August 21, 2014

The T-Shirt Dress 2 Ways

I've been in brainstorm mood over this t-shirt dress.Typically when I wear this t-shirt dress it's with my light wash jeans, like in this previous post. I've been dying to switch up this outfit.I decided to remix the shirt by switching up the bottoms and some of the accessories.

I decided to pair the shirt with my dark green, black speckled jeans and this crossbody bag.I think the color of the pants makes this floral number look tough.

In this look I wanted it to look more polished so I added this skinny black belt to cinch in my waist somewhat.This interpretation is a lot more feminine as I concentrate more on building a silhouette.
I hope this post inspired you to look ar your clothing from another perspective and explore your style options.Don't become stagnant with your closet.Dare to switch up the old with the new and see what your experimentation gives birth to!

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