Thursday, August 7, 2014


    There's nothing like a monochromatic look with a splash of color to simplify the outfit picking process.Below, I'm sharing where I've been and why my posting has been so...sporadic.
Pants-Rainbow Shops
Bag-A local shop,I desperately need to get back to

         I haven't been blogging because I've been so stuck in my head the last few months.I let my circumstances define me,control me and it left me feeling like I lost my voice.  I felt stagnant and as if this position I have in life was going to last forever(especially with my birthday approaching,I'll be 20).
   I had an epiphany earlier this morning and was inspired to share. It would not be fair to myself, to simply allow one uncomfortable stage in my life to determine all of who I am as a person.I'm not going to let only one stage of my life define me, defining who I am is my responsibility.Deciding and determing who I am is a job only I can do, not my job,not my school, not my peers, not my friends,not even my family.

       Although my job is not in the field I want, nor really calls for me to exercise my skills that doesn't mean I suddenly lose all of my personal talent.I forgot that this moment is merely temporary and someday soon I will be exacty where I belong.I lost sight of the big picture and it took me a few months worth of crying to see it for what it is.No matter what I do I still hold control over who I am and how I perceive things.As long as I know this isn't the end for me and that I have a plan of my own nothing else matters.You can't let life push you around.You have to carve out your place in it and hold tight.Life is never going to stop moving you but it's up to you not to lose yourself or sight of your goals within its strong currents.
   I'm not going to look at my job as the beginning of the end, it's simply 1 learning experience of many.I hope this post inspires you and helps you develop some insight in your own challenges.It feels good to be back here and sharing in this way, this is what I truly love.

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