Tuesday, September 30, 2014

If It's Not On Instagram Did It Really Happen?

When you're a fashion blogger an active Instagram page is a critical piece of the social media promotional strategy.You post when you've written a new piece,your latest style muse, your latest outfit and last but not least your most recent purchases.I have been fairly MIA on Instagram for both my personal account and fashion blog's account. I've had plenty to share, but frankly I've been reluctant(mostly just too lazy) to share anything.It's gotten to a point where I almost felt guilty about not posting my latest makeup additions or sharing what I'm obsessed with in fashion.

Going MIA on Instagram felt like going MIA on this blog.Not posting has lead me to feel some mild guilt about not filling in my supporters and readers about the most recent tidbits of my life.I started to wonder if I'm the only one who feels guilty about not sharing events,purchases or photo ready life changes with their Instagram, and is this experience exclusive to bloggers.

What's the best way to learn about Instagram user habits.... by asking Instagram users!I'm taking to my Instagram page today and I'm going to my followers 2 simple questions:
Have you ever felt obligated to post photos on Instagram?Have you ever felt guilty about not sharing certain things on your page?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Unhealthiness of Haul Watching

I love YouTube.YouTube is where I get fashion inspiration, DIY tutorials, makeup inspo and motivational life tips and so much more.One thing I use YouTube for in particular is to watch clothing haul videos.
A clothing haul video is basically a video where a YouTuber shares what clothes they've recently bought.I find myself so heavily immersed in seeing what my favorite YouTubers have recently purchased and I started to analyze why I find so much amusement in this.There's something exciting about seeing the shopping habits of someone other than yourself.
When I watch haul videos I'm taking in what trends they've indulged in, what sales did they participate in,what store did they buy the most stuff from and why.Watching someone else shop is fun to a certain extent because it gets me thinking about what I'll be buying on my next shopping trip.I get inspired by the statement pieces others buy because it gets me thinking "if she can pull that off,why not me?".While I'm taking in all this information and inspiration during the video I have to remind myself that I have no intention of buying what they've purchased.
Yes, I have to remind myself not to shop, which brings me to the questions I have surrounding the clothing haul culture.
Do clothing hauls have an influence on your shopping habits as far as, making you shop more?I would hate to think that there are people out there who watch these haul videos and then take it upon themselves to replicate such actions. When you watch someone else do a haul video you have to acknowledge that the financial state you're in maybe different than that of the YouTuber.Your shopping experience is going to be exactly like that of the person's you just witnessed and there's nothing wrong with that, I'm just stating the reality of it all. It scares me to think there maybe someone out there neglecting where there money should be going but instead applying that money to keep up with their favorite YouTuber.
My last question is this, did our shopaholic society give birth to the haul video, or are haul videos adding fuel to the shopaholic tendencies of our society?Let me know in the comment section!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Inconsistent Lifestyle Blogger

I am an inconsistent lifestyle blogger because frankly, my life hasn't been very...consistent.What I mean by consistence is that, there aren't any blog-worthy things consistently going on therefore, I don't have anything to post, hence my absence.I mean, do you guys really want to hear about how I realized I've been taking 2 buses to school when in reality all I had to do was stay on the one?Do you really want to read about how I feel like the world shrinks in size every time I run into someone I went to high school with?Do you want to check out blog posts that are riddled with my most blunt,uncensored,unedited thoughts?Do  you want to check out my thoughts ranging from matters of fashion, my take on street harassment and why I think they need to teach a course on the systematic implication of white privilege in middle school versus waiting to learn about it in a social problems class your freshmen year of university?
Perhaps some of these things I can blog about, but I haven't because my standard for blog worthy content is fairly high.I guess it's time I start looking at what I'm willing to share and how much I share it.I can't sit around and wait for awesomeness to happen for me to blog about it, I have to be the awesomeness.Now that I've made my declaration to stop my inconsistency be prepared for some of the most random content you've ever witnessed to hit this blog! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Hellish Truth About My Writer's Block

I need to write something.Anything.All my thoughts and ideas appeared to be hiding from me in the darkness of my writing insecurities.I've been so frustrated with my writer's block I could scream.

  Once upon a time ideas used to flow within me like a river of melted gold.Heavy in presence and rich in content,my ideas were hearty and loved.But life shook me up, made me impatient for change,made me angry,made me bitter,made me hate myself for not being better,made me feel little,made me question myself.

    I've allowed the wrong voices to influence me in my time of struggle.Those negative voices were just so loud and their logic seemed flawless at the time.The second a hole emerged in my self-esteem every self depreciating comment showed up to falsely patch the crater, when in reality it wasn't a bandage it was a virus.I've been sick in silence for far too long.I was looking for a cure in all the wrong places while sitting in a stagnant state of illness, enough is enough.I made myself sit down and write this blog post as means to get out my frustration amd have found my cure,writing.

Writing out all my frustrations,fears and needs for better have helped me clear my mind.So why did it take me so long for me to write this,if this is what it took to clear up my sight?The hesitation of self doubt left me paralyzed but I pushed that out of the way and simply wrote what comes natural to me.

I've come to the conclusion that my setbacks weren't a result of me being inferior.Setbacks happen because it's apart of life and how you handle them defines who you are.Some of the most successful people have faced what I'm facing now and faced even worse.I'm taking my setbacks in stride and I'm going to work as hard as possible because I'm strong enough to do so!Just because life gets hard,it doesn't mean I have to turn into stone.I can't let one event change my passion and distort my heart forever especially since this is simply a phase that change in an instance.