Tuesday, September 30, 2014

If It's Not On Instagram Did It Really Happen?

When you're a fashion blogger an active Instagram page is a critical piece of the social media promotional strategy.You post when you've written a new piece,your latest style muse, your latest outfit and last but not least your most recent purchases.I have been fairly MIA on Instagram for both my personal account and fashion blog's account. I've had plenty to share, but frankly I've been reluctant(mostly just too lazy) to share anything.It's gotten to a point where I almost felt guilty about not posting my latest makeup additions or sharing what I'm obsessed with in fashion.

Going MIA on Instagram felt like going MIA on this blog.Not posting has lead me to feel some mild guilt about not filling in my supporters and readers about the most recent tidbits of my life.I started to wonder if I'm the only one who feels guilty about not sharing events,purchases or photo ready life changes with their Instagram, and is this experience exclusive to bloggers.

What's the best way to learn about Instagram user habits.... by asking Instagram users!I'm taking to my Instagram page today and I'm going to my followers 2 simple questions:
Have you ever felt obligated to post photos on Instagram?Have you ever felt guilty about not sharing certain things on your page?

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