Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Inconsistent Lifestyle Blogger

I am an inconsistent lifestyle blogger because frankly, my life hasn't been very...consistent.What I mean by consistence is that, there aren't any blog-worthy things consistently going on therefore, I don't have anything to post, hence my absence.I mean, do you guys really want to hear about how I realized I've been taking 2 buses to school when in reality all I had to do was stay on the one?Do you really want to read about how I feel like the world shrinks in size every time I run into someone I went to high school with?Do you want to check out blog posts that are riddled with my most blunt,uncensored,unedited thoughts?Do  you want to check out my thoughts ranging from matters of fashion, my take on street harassment and why I think they need to teach a course on the systematic implication of white privilege in middle school versus waiting to learn about it in a social problems class your freshmen year of university?
Perhaps some of these things I can blog about, but I haven't because my standard for blog worthy content is fairly high.I guess it's time I start looking at what I'm willing to share and how much I share it.I can't sit around and wait for awesomeness to happen for me to blog about it, I have to be the awesomeness.Now that I've made my declaration to stop my inconsistency be prepared for some of the most random content you've ever witnessed to hit this blog! 

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