Thursday, October 16, 2014

All My Devices Need To Be Charged And I'm Okay With That

You know that moment when your cell phone,laptop,iPod or MP3 player and tablet all need to be charged at the same time and you can't use any of them.I never realized just how much panic ensues for some people when they can't get to their phone or computer in enough time.For some people their entire businesses thrive off of the internet so I can understand their anxiety,unfortunately that's not always the case for a lot of people.Some people actually face social media withdrawal.Being agitated and threatening people(and sometimes things) over a lack of WiFi is funny if you're joking-and downright disturbing if you're not.
Personally,I've gone a few days not using my phone,laptop or even my iPod simply because I felt a need to be disconnected.As a blogger you'd think I'd have a panic attack without the internet but I was perfectly okay.If I felt the need to log something I'd write it down in a notebook, and then it hit me...have notebooks become obsolete?
In my world notebooks will always have a purpose that ranks right along with important things like a roof over your head, a bed, air.I couldn't fathom the possibility that their are people out there who have forsaken the notebook.There are so many notepad apps on pretty much...everything digital, has this caused the original pencil and paper to go extinct?I admit, I use the notepad app but that's only when I don't have a notebook around.
Is my love of notebooks normal, or am I unknowingly participating in hipster-like behavior right now?Am I that out of the loop?Let me know in the comments do you still use Ye Old Notebook or am I sounding like an old-timer to you?

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