Sunday, October 19, 2014

Project Purpose

I often find the biggest issue for a lot of people when it comes to working is that they're putting forth effort without an end goal.When I work I have to keep in mind what I'm working for,it helps me stay motivated.If I was to begin a project that lacked purpose(which I've done in the past),the project always loses steam and I end up quitting.
You might be thinking "who starts a project without a goal in the first place?".Believe it or not there are people out there like me,who get the idea before the purpose of the idea.I might think about starting a new blog series because its creative and fun. All of the in-depth details for the project's purpose gets blurred over in the excitement of starting something new.
Instead of flying off with the enthusiasm of starting a new project being used as my motivation,I decided to write up end goals for everything I do.One of the best ways for me to identify my goals is to start asking myself questions like thenones below:
  • What do you like about this project?
  • Why have you been drawn to this project?
  • What will this project leave behind?
  • Who is this project targetting?
  • What effect will this project have on other people?
  • Is the purpose of this project to entertain,inform,persuade or all 3?
These are just a few starter questions to consider before venturing out on your next plan for greatness.Let me know in the comments below what questions your consider before starting your next big thing.

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