Friday, October 17, 2014

What Part of YOLO is This?

I always get super motivated and inspired by people who take huge chances and don't fall flat on their face.I'd like to be one of those success stories someday.I can see it now, The Girl Who Packed Her Bags With 100 Dollars to Her Name, Now World's First Zillionaire it's a lengthy headline, but I'll edit it later.The reality of the situation is that there are a lot of success stories that involve taking huge risks and also involve falling flat on your face.How can you be successful and fall flat on your face at the same time?Easy actually, I find that most success stories involve people who failed miserably, but their drive to keep going is what pushed them to the top.
Reading up on the stories of success that happen over night are fun to amuse yourself with but you have to be prepared for the consequences if your story involves plot twists.Plot twists can be good and can be seemingly bad.A plot twist I faced this year was getting into the school of my choice....but not being able to afford it.Instead of running off into a self pitying tirade, I decided to head to my local community college.
The good in my educational plot twist is now I can at least get my Associates degree at my current community college so I have something to show for my efforts pretty soon.The situation came off seemingly dim but is unexpectedly working itself out as we speak.
Whether your plot twists are good or bad, whether your success is overnight or over several years, ultimately, your drive and perception is what determines your success and nothing else.You have to see your success and keep pursuing it, that's how you get there.

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