Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Before You Were A Blogger

Sometimes you get caught up in this blogger culture, and you forget what it's like to be on the outside of the community.When you're knee deep in this bloggerverse there comes a point where the fun takes a turn for the serious.You know you're becoming a serious blogger when you do the following:
  • Blogging randomly about anything becomes scheduled.
  • Teaching yourself about branding,measuring analytics and reading articles about the next big thing in social media becomes more of an assignment than an activity.
  • Your blogger journal is half filled with ideas and the other half with SEO tips.
  • You've set aside a specific blogger budget with your bank account.
Don't get me wrong, I AM IN NO WAY MOCKING, the act of professional blogging.Personally, I believe the following activities above are excellent blogging practices that I partake in frequently myself.But sometimes in the midst of developing a business perspective to your passion, the fire of your passion can be slightly dampened.
I found myself spending nights looking at all the articles and trying to devise a blueprint for my brand.Everyday on the computer was spent measuring and comparing analytics so much that I'd forget to post.My mind was a cluttered mess of numbers and frustration when I didn't reach those numbers.
Every time I realized there was a new goal I hadn't reached, it made me question if this blogging thing is really for me, that's when I got familiar with the term hiatus.My  writer esteem faltered and so did my creative mind.I packed up my bags and left the blogosphere and assumed no one would care that I was gone.
I decided to act like I wasn't a blogger and didn't have a history of drafts,posts and writing for the world to see.So as I looked from the outside, I realized things weren't as bad as I thought they were.I looked at my blog from an unbiased reader's perspective and actually liked what I saw.
I read through my own posts like I wasn't familiar with them already and found myself entertained.Regardless of the numbers, I was creating warm,fun,informative content and remembered what all of this felt like before I was a blogger.
Looking from the outside made me remember my beginning, when I was just getting my feet wet.Back before I drowned myself in the blog world,I remembered what it was like to splash playfully.
So for now I'm getting back to my blogger roots.I'm going to post when I feel like it. I'm going to play.It's amazing that it took me to stop blogging and to become solely a reader again to remember why I love this form of expression!

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