Friday, January 9, 2015

What Do You Want?

I've come to the conclusion that you have to figure out what you want to determine what you're willing to do. This is why people encourage you to find something you're passionate about, so you have something that burns so brightly in your heart that it can lead you through your dark times.Although, this process seems simple it doesn't come without difficulty. Determining what you want can be scary especially when 
  • You're the only one who believes you can actually achieve what you want.
  • What you want isn't a common thing.
  • There's no predisposed plan for achieving what you want.
  • No one else has done it before.
    It can be scary figuring out what you want because the second you finally look into your heart at your true desires, its hard to look away.I know what it's like to sit down with a notebook and outline everything that speaks to you and being both happy and overwhelmed at what you see.I also know what its like to move with goals in sight and the heart ache that's accompanied when you fail to reach them.I went through last year ignoring what I truly want and simply getting by without motivation-it sucked..Getting what you want lies in what you're willing to go through for what you want whether it be failure,heart ache or struggle. 
     I can personally say that believing in your ability to get what you want is always worth it.Even now as I struggle through the battle of building enough belief in my dreams again, I would never go back to leading life blindly.It helps me feel better when I find myself feeling low about my future, that I'm not the only one who has faced these fears.Many successful people have shared the same feelings of being lost, feeling alone in your pursuit for success and questioning if it really can be done.What makes you successful is being able to look at the challenges and keep going anyway.What I want is the consistency to keep moving and believing whether in myself, whether it be done in grand leaps or baby steps.


  1. yaas Dinesha I loved this post, such true words best way to start 2015 is knowing what you want!