Thursday, January 22, 2015

What's It Like Blogging Daily?

 Blogging daily is a new,necessary challenge I've given myself over on Blogging daily forces me to write.It forces me to look writer's block in the face and destroy it where it stands.
Since I've given myself the new responsibility of writing a new blog post everyday, I've given myself a specific amount of time out of the day to gather my thoughts and to strictly look for inspiration.Putting myself in a strict fashion blogging space feels really good actually, it makes me feel professional.I'd forgotten what it was like to get into the zone of blogging and let my creativity have a field day!
Ever since I've been posting more frequently, I've begun looking at the criteria for what I consider a good blog post and how much of myself I'm comfortable with giving to my blog.In addition to discovering my own blog criteria, I've opened myself to finding inspiration anywhere from tv shows, films, lipstick shades,shoe ads, nature, any and everything can spark a blog post!
I think the absolute best part of blogging every single day is having something to look forward to everyday. I love waking up to see my content has been published and waiting to see if anything has been sparked from my creation whether it be a comment,an addition to a conversation, a new follower to add to the SHTE Family or to simply inspire someone.
Now that I'm done listing all of the pros, I have to be real with you guys and list a few cons.Putting in so much effort on the SHTE Daily can be pressuring. I just want my blog to succeed so badly and every time I go to post, I'm reminded of how far I want this blog to go and it gets tense.
In addition to the intensity of work put into my blog, it's difficult sharing my content on social media because now there's something new to share every single day, When you only post a few times a week(like I used to do)then you don't have much to share on social media. So now I have all of this content but no time to actually share it, I've got to work on this struggle ASAP.

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