Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Social Media Life vs. Real Life

There's a lot of people in this day and age of social media that have become talkers. People who specifically do all the talking in the world but don't necessarily act on what they say. We have a bunch of pseudo-deep thinking poets, false motivational speakers and people who are frankly looking for a quick hustle. I'm not here to bash anybody who's trying to get their social media hustle on, but I just want to make sure you guys are aware that not everyone is as legit as they say they are. What you see on social media, isn't necessarily going on in their real life.
Social media is filtered and edited to perfection, and 9/10 we witness successful end results. We don't see the struggle but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You can't use social media as your tool for comparison with your real life, because social media isn't real life. 
You might see me post about achieving a good grade on test on Twitter, but what you don't know is I spent nights studying, cramming and freaking out about it. You might see your favorite fashion blogger post her brand new shoes on Instagram, but you don't know the time and effort that was sacrificed for her to make enough money to buy those shoes.
Social media is for sharing the success but it rarely shares a a back story. Sometimes I think if people shared their struggle, or better yet shared their testimony maybe life wouldn't feel so hard. That's why I post to this blog about practically everything because my struggle might inspire the next person. 
You guys know about how hard my job hunt has been, you know I mourned for my less than thrilling college education, you know how much I battle between getting blog exposure without having to sell out my authenticity. You guys have seen me post to this blog, with bare thoughts and raw ideas and still read on. Thank you for reading my blog and not being a victim of social media hype.

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