Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Can't Keep Giving Up On Myself

 I told you guys that I decided to start up my YouTube channel again.I've always been hesitant to do videos because I don't exactly have the most experience with video editing and my equipment isn't up to par like other YouTubers.Besides my lack of top notch equipment, I'm a little afraid of negative feedback and I'm pretty sure everyone is aware that YouTube probably has some of the worst trolls of any other platform.

In spite of my fear and doubt I made 2 new videos.One of which I didn't promote the other I did.The one I didn't share didn't get any views as you can imagine but the second one only gained the attention of one "low life, with no life", troll.I shouldn't of let it bother me. I mean the person who commented had no content of her own, no profile picture and couldn't spell worth shit and yet it was enough to provoke me not only to delete the video, but both of them.

I can't keep letting trolls get the best of them.I can't keep letting small minded individuals have a say in my big dreams.So I'm starting over, I'm going to have a specific plan and goal and I'm going to execute them both regardless of any random acts of hate.I think what I'm going to do to make the upload process better is disable the comments first,I need to take baby steps guys, wish me good luck.

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