Acts of Journalism

           This video explains why I'm venturing into journalism.

        Discovering my interest in journalism happened when I was about 17, although I dabbled in the idea when I was about 8 years old(I had a family newsletter that consisted of a notepad and lasted about 3 days the presses weren't hot at all).  Turning 17 I had an epiphany! I love writing and I love talking,which industry will allow me to combine such things-journalism! I'm currently in the pursuit of gathering as much information about the industry I can through gaining experience and studying my field at Wayne State University. I've dabbled in trying to find my niche which you can see below, starting with:

  • Online journalism, such as my fashion blog The Eye, that features interviews I've conducted with personal style bloggers, design students, and fashion bloggers where we discuss fashion,trends, social media and blogging politics.  Click the image below to visit the website, if you'd like.

I eagerly await to add more to my experience in journalism and will continue to log it on this page.

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